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Daily Green Fees

Juniors (18 and Under) Nine Holes - $4.00 or 18 Holes $7.00

Adults - Nine Holes - $5.00 or 18 Holes $9.00

Short Game Practice Area - $5.00

No Charge for practice area for Annual Members or if paying green fees.

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(18  and Under)
~ Unlimited play
~ No greens fees or short game fees
~ Unlimited access to fitness equipment
~ Eligiable to play in the weekly Saturday Tournament
~ May participate in the Junior  Instructional League at no fee


~ Unlimited play
~ No greens fees or short game fees
~ Unlimited access to fitness equipment
~ May schedule tee times two days in advance
~ May participate in the Adult Instructional League at no fee


~ Unlimited play for parents and all children
~ No greens fees or short game fees
~ Unlimited access to fitness  equipment
~ Parents may schedule tee times two days in advance when playing  with other family members
~ The entire family may participate in the Family  Instructional League at no fee


~ Unlimited play and use of  facilities for up to 4 employees per day
~ No greens fees or short  game fees
~ Unlimited access to fitness equipment
~ May schedule tee times two days in advance

~ No fee reservation of the entire facility for a  one-day corporate outing

See our construction pictures below

In 1965, Mr. Mac Issacs, CEO of Bibb Mills built the par three course for the employees of the mill. Initial green fees were only $1.00.

By the early 70's the low green fees and the high cost of maintenance reduced the mill's enthusiasm for operating the course and precipitated its sale to the State of Georgia. It was then transferred to The City of Columbus for recreational use. The city had much the same experience with the "Par Three" as the mill, so in  1979 the course was closed.

Afer remaining idle for a number of years, Mr. Gunby Jordan, the founder of The Green Island Country Club and an avid golfer, decided to attempt a rescue and leased the course from the city. Even with Mr. Jordan's efforts and the assistance of the Green Island grounds crew, the course continued to lose more money than reason would allow and in 1987 the  course was again closed.

In April of 1988, "Coach" Bill Godwin reached an agreement with the City of Columbus to operate the course. At the same time he  founded the non-profit organization, Seniors for Kids, with the purpose  of giving the youth of Columbus a place to learn the game of golf and learn  values that would be with them throughout their lives.

Seniors for  Kids with the help of countless volunteers, operated the course. When "Coach" Godwin's health began to fail in late 1997, he turned the operation of Seniors for Kids over to his son John, a PGA Master Professional. In March of 1998, "Coach" Godwin passed away.

Had he been able to live just  a little longer he would have witnessed Seniors for Kids rated by the  United States Gold Association as "One of the best youth golf programs in the  country." In further recognition of the Seniors for Kids program the  USGA awarded a $100,000 grant to the organization. In June of 1998, The Council  of The Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia passed a resolution renaming the course Godwin Creek in honor of "Coach" Godwin and his efforts on  behalf of the youth of our area.

In anticipation of raising matching  funds from the community, in the form of memberships and contributions, Seniors for Kids began construction on a Desmond Muirhead designed  nine-hold golf course.


The New Short Course Design
Desmond Muirhead has transformed the old Par 3 Course into a new and challenging Short Course that every level of player will enjoy.

The Short Course features three holes that will play like short par fours.
These holes play past two new lakes and over Godwin Creek which runs through the middle of the course.

The new design incorporates part of the old ball field and socer field. The  original parking lot has been transformed into a short game practice area,  complete with mounds, a sand bunker and large putting green. A picnic ground has been added under the old oaks which overlook the two new lakes.

Championship Grasses
The fairways 419 Bermuda grass and the greens are Tift Eagle. Tift Eagle is the newest hybrid Bermuda  which putts extremely well and must be maintained at faster speeds.

The natural slopes of the land were enhanced to  "bench in" new greens and tees. Large boulders have been placed throughout the course and creek to add a more natural atmosphere.

New perineal and annual flowering beds have been added giving the course more  of a park like feeling.

A Challenging Signature Hole
Godwin Creek's signature hole is Number Five. Your tee shot is played from a double tee which also serves number  two, going up the hill. Five plays to the east over the lake to a target  fairway. After successfully hitting the fairway, your second shot plays uphill  over Godwin Creek to a long narrow green cut into the adjacent hillside. When you make a four on this hole you have passed the
Short  Course's most challenging test.

The Finishing Hole
Number nine green sits below the clubhouse in a  great location to watch play conclude. The green is guarded by a sand bunker on the right and a grass bunker to the left. This green complex will test your ability to play all types of short game shots, when you need it most, on the last hole and in front of everyone. Good Luck!

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